Thumbnail designer (LT)


Mediacube is looking for a Thumbnail designer!

Mediacube is a financial service for creators that provides daily payments from YouTube and a convenient ecosystem that allows creators to effectively manage their income. More than 10 withdrawal methods, P2P transfers, advance payments, the ability to work with cryptocurrencies, and much more.


  • Youtube preview design
  • Youtube banner design
  • Development of new channel design concepts


  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Precise work with composing (selection tools, including pen tool; layer masks;
adjustments; filters, including camera raw; tools for retouch)
  • Ability to work with light effects or the willingness to learn quickly
  • Knowledge of basic rules of typography, confident work with fonts
  • YouTube visual experience, trends awareness

Additional advantages will be

  • Ability to work with Adobe Illustrator/Blender programs
  • Knowledge of composition, coloristics, font classifications
  • Basic drawing skills


● awesome corporate discounts in salons, cafes, etc.
● official employment
● comfortable onboarding and 5 "sick days" per year
● energetic team
● successful product

We are waiting for you, Thumbnail designer!