User Acquisition Manager


Mediacube is looking for a User Acquisition Manager!

Mediacube is a financial service for creators that provides daily payments from YouTube and a convenient ecosystem that allows creators to effectively manage their income. More than 10 withdrawal methods, P2P transfers, advance payments, the ability to work with cryptocurrencies, and much more.


  • Experience in promotion through various traffic sources (Facebook, Yandex, TikTok, Google and other networks);
  • Knowledge and understanding of the calculation of mobile metrics: СPA, ARPPU, LTV, ROMI, CVR, Retention and others;
  • Confident use of Google Sheets, Excel;
  • Soft skills: analytical skills, proactivity and focus on results, a high level of self-organization, independence and critical thinking.


  • Setting up and launching advertising campaigns to promote websites and applications;
  • Optimization of advertising campaigns to achieve KPI and their scaling;
  • Analytics of advertising campaigns and attracted users;
  • Formation of hypotheses, their testing and analysis of results;
  • Monitoring the budget and results for compliance with goals;
  • Participation in the development of a product promotion strategy;
  • Competitive analysis in terms of sources of attraction and the visual part;
  • Generating of ideas and concepts for advertising creatives.


  • official employment
  • comfortable onboarding and 5 "sick days" per year
  • energetic team
  • successful product

We are waiting for you, User Acquisition Manager!