Web Analyst


Mediacube is looking for a Web Analyst!

Mediacube is a financial service for creators that provides daily payments from YouTube and a convenient ecosystem that allows creators to effectively manage their income. More than 10 withdrawal methods, P2P transfers, advance payments, the ability to work with cryptocurrencies, and much more.


  • Analysis of product user behavior through amplitude;
  • Collection, processing, analysis and visualization of data;
  • Conducting research and testing hypotheses;
  • Providing recommendations for improving the product;
  • Implementation of analytics tools in projects.


  • Strong analytical thinking, the ability to dive deep into details, as well as form a holistic view of the product;
  • Good mathematical and statistical base;
  • Experience in building and visualizing product funnels;
  • Experience with Amplitude
  • The ability to give a professional assessment of the functionality of the product based on the data obtained during the analysis;
  • Good communication skills, the ability to ask questions freely and to present conclusions clearly.

We are waiting for you, Web Analyst!