Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Media Cube?
The Media Cube is an all-in-one Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) unlike anything else on the market, combining the essence of a sleek and stylish home theater system with the power and performance of a personal computer. The Media Cube is the quintessential multi-purpose system that easily functions as a home theater center, TV cable box, movie media hub and mini PC for your TV.
What content is available on the Media Cube?
The Media Cube delivers virtually every TV show and movie ever made, PPV events, live TV/sports, news, games, kids and family TV shows and movies, streaming music, adult content, workout programs, a web browser and over 1 million apps from the Play Store … all for FREE! The Media Cube has more content than cable TV, on-demand, PPV, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Roku, Slingbox, Google TV, Amazon Prime / Firestick and Chromecast COMBINED … and all for FREE! **The adult content does not come pre-installed on the Media Cube. You will need to activate it. Yes, there are parental locks on the Media Cube.
What is CUBE TV?
CUBE TV is an IPTV and Internet Television service which delivers virtually every live English premium channel and major sports package around the globe in HIGH DEFINITION! CUBE TV also has an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) just like cable TV and apps for Android or iOS mobile devices so you can take CUBE TV with you on-the-go! And the best part is, there are no contracts required for CUBE TV. CUBE TV is available monthly rather than yearly, so you can subscribe to CUBE TV only during the months when the big game, match, fight or PPV is on. No device is complete without CUBE TV.

CUBE TV is available for Media Cube, Unplugged, Android, iOS & Kodi

For a full channel/sports package list and more information on CUBE TV, CLICK HERE.

Unplugged is the multi-platform Media Cube software available for your Windows, Mac or Android device that allows you to use the Media Cube software in all its glory without having to purchase a Media Cube device. Unplugged has all the same features, interface, movies, TV shows, live HD channels and sports packages available on the Media Cube, except on your favorite personal device. With Unplugged, just plug in your laptop or your Android device to your TV via an HDMI cable turn your Windows/Mac laptop or Android tablet into a portable Media Cube. With Unplugged, you can transform your personal device into a portable cable box with all the channels and sports packages available from CUBE TV. Anywhere your personal devices go, the Media Cube goes. And the best part, Unplugged is HALF THE PRICE of a Media Cube device! For more information on Unplugged, please CLICK HERE.
Will I really save money with the Media Cube and CUBE TV?
The Media Cube saves customers an average of $1000 per year. See how much you will save with a Media Cube and CUBE TV over cable TV and streaming subscription services by using our SAVINGS CALCULATOR
Are TV shows and movies current?
VoD TV shows are available to watch the SAME DAY as cable TV broadcast and movies are available 4-12 weeks PRIOR to Blu-Ray release. Live TV is live TV.
Are there commercials?
No. The VoD programming on the Media Cube has NO COMMERCIALS. Fun Fact: On average, the Media Cube saves its users from 130 hours of commercials per year!
Is it easy to use? Do I need to be tech savvy?
The Media Cube is so easy, even adults can use it. There are no special skills needed. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. SEARCH, CLICK, WATCH. It’s that easy. The Media Cube has a sleek, smooth, fast and ergonomic interface that makes it easy to find any TV show and movie you want to watch at any time. If you want to see the interface and how easy the Media Cube is to use, check out the video on THIS PAGE. One of the best features of the new Media Cube v3 software is the device will always be up-to-date by utilizing OTA update features, meaning the device will update in the background without the customer having to do anything. You won’t even notice the updates taking place. Even if your Media Cube is a few years old, it will still have the same configuration as brand new Media Cubes being sold fresh off the shelves today – so your Media Cube will always be brand new no matter how old it is, with no effort required from the customer.
Can I watch live sports?
Yes! If you’re a Sports Fanatic, then CUBE TV is right up your alley. CUBE TV features every major sports package from around the world in HIGH DEFINITION! The best part is, CUBE TV is available monthly rather than yearly so you can subscribe only during the months for the big game, fight, event or PPV. For more information on CUBE TV, please CLICK HERE.
Can I watch local channels?
Due to the functionality and technology of the Media Cube utilizing the internet for content delivery, it is impossible to include local broadcasts due to the amount of bandwidth it would consume for such a limited market. Local news/channels can typically be obtained with a $20 antenna. Antennas are really cheap and are generally pretty good at picking up local channels, depending on where you live of course. With that being said, CUBE TV offers nearly every English premium channel and every major sports package on the market in an electronic programming guide format just like cable TV – more premium channels than any other service on the planet for cheaper than any other service on the planet. For a full channel list and more information on CUBE TV, CLICK HERE.
Does the Media Cube have DVR functions?
There will be no need to record programs with the Media Cube. The Media Cube acts as an online aggregator for virtually all TV shows and movies ever made. You will be able to access every movie and episode of every season of your favorite TV shows, at any time, commercial free. Network news has on-demand features that allows you to watch your favorite network news program at any time, commercial free. Long gone are the days of fast-forwarding through commercials on a DVR.
How long is shipping?
All Media Cubes are shipped Priority Class USPS. Receive your package in 2 – 4 business days based on where it’s being sent. CUBE TV orders will require an extra 24-48 hours for activation. International orders will require an additional 3 – 6 days for shipping. If ordering during the holidays, please allow an extra 2 – 4 days padding for holiday shipping congestion. Priority Class USPS includes USPS Tracking which will be sent to you automatically via e-mail once your package is shipped.
What is the air-speed velocity of an unladden swallow?
What do you mean? African or European?
Will the Media Cube work overseas?
The Media Cube will work ANYWHERE there is an internet connection!
Are there any geo restrictions?
There are no geo restrictions.
How does it connect to my TV or AV receiver?
Media Cube uses an HDMI cable which is included in the box. If you don’t have a TV with HDMI inputs, you can connect the Media Cube to your TV using an HDMI to RCA converter (not included).
Is foreign programming available?
Yes, there is content available from all over the world. The Media Cube also has subtitles in numerous languages.
How fast does my internet need to be?
Most basic internet packages will suffice, but the faster your internet, the better the Media Cube works. We suggest at least 5mbps download speed for fluid functioning of the Media Cube and at least 10mbps for optimum performance.
Does the Media Cube play High Def content?
The Media Cube is capable of playing up to 4Kx2K UHD (4K is four times the high definition resolution of 1080p).
Does the Media Cube support digital surround sound?
Yes. The Media Cube supports digital surround sound over HDMI and SPDIF (Dolby® 7.1 and 5.1 surround pass through).
Does the Media Cube have 3D content?
Yes, the Media Cube has all your favorite 3D movies supported in a number of passive 3D movie formats encoded in SBS, TAB, anaglyph or interlaced.
How do I get help or support?
Please email us or click the live chat / message tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the page for a more immediate response.
Can I cancel my cable if I buy a Media Cube?
That’s the entire purpose of owning a Media Cube. With a Media Cube and CUBE TV you won’t need cable TV anymore. In fact, with a Media Cube, you won’t need any other box, device, subscription or service ever again! If you are stuck in a cable contract, there are no penalties for downgrading to basic service for the remainder of your contract.
How big is the Media Cube?
The Media Cube is 3.4 x 3.4 x 4.3 inches (86 x 86 x 109 mm) and a handsome compliment to any home theater system.
Can I browse the web on my TV?
Yes, the Media Cube is essentially a mini PC that turns any TV into a genius TV. You can browse the internet, check your email, browse your favorite social networks and use Android apps from the Play Store.
Can I stream my home music, movies, TV shows and photo multimedia?
You can network your local media a variety of different methods including Airplay, DNLA, Miracast, UPnP / DLNA, Web server, Zeroconf and SMB client.
Does the Media Cube have WiFi?
The Media Cube has 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, however, we suggest an ethernet connection for optimum performance.
Do I need one per TV?
Yes, however since the device is so small, you can simply pick up the device and move it to any TV you want to use it with. Many of our customers even travel with their Media Cubes.
Can I use my universal remote with the Media Cube?
You can use your Harmony universal remote by using a Flirc ( The Flirc will require some calibration, however there are numerous apps available that allow you to use your droid or iOS (iphone) smart phones / tablets as a remote control. The Media Cube comes with a remote control and we also offer the optional SQUIRREL REMOTE upgrade specifically designed for the Media Cube that includes an air-mouse and a full QWERTY pad.
Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with the Media Cube?
Yes, you buy a wireless keyboard and mouse and plug the wireless dongle in one of the available USB slots. We also offer the optional SQUIRREL REMOTE upgrade that includes an air mouse and a full QWERTY pad designed specifically to be used with the Media Cube.
Do you have a discount if I buy X amount of Media Cubes?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on 3 or more devices with the coupon code: 10off If you’re interested in purchasing 10 or more please email us and we will be happy to offer a 20%+ discount depending on the number of devices you order.
Do you offer promotions or coupons?
We most certainly do. If we have an active promotion or coupon available, it will be listed on our SHOP page.
How is the Media Cube different than a Roku or an Apple TV?
We’ve taken the liberty of creating a chart comparing the Media Cube to other popular devices – CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CHART The Media Cube has more content than cable TV, on-demand, PPV, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Roku, Slingbox, Google TV, Amazon Prime / Firestick and Chromecast COMBINED … and all for FREE! The Roku and the Apple TV are subscription based devices with limited content. The Media Cube has no fees EVER and allows access to virtually any movie and any TV show ever made for FREE. Netflix, Roku and Apple TV have limited and old content. With the Media Cube, however, TV shows are available to watch SAME DAY as cable TV broadcast and movies are available to watch 4-12 weeks PRIOR to Blu-Ray release. You won’t find more (current) content on any device, subscription, service or combination thereof … anywhere … ever! In addition, no other device, subscription or service offers anywhere near as many premium live TV channels and sports packages as CUBE TV, ESPECIALLY for the price. For a look into the functionality, features, content and interface of the Media Cube, check out the video on THIS PAGE.
Media Cube vs Jailbroken Firestick with Kodi?
CLICK HERE to read our blog explaining the difference between the Media Cube and devices preloaded with Kodi.
Does the Media Cube have Youtube, Netflix and Hulu?
Yes, however most people cancel their Netflix and Hulu subscriptions because all the content available on Netflix and Hulu is available on the Media Cube plus so much more for FREE.
Okay, okay okay. Is this legal?
Yes. Absolutely. The Media Cube is 100% Legal. The Media Cube utilizes a combination of technologies consisting of OTT content, Internet Television and IPTV services. These programs basically create a bridge between licensed online entertainment streams created by 3rd party developers and providers, and the custom software installed to the Media Cube. You are not hosting, downloading or uploading the content.
What is your return policy?
We have a 30 day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you don’t love the Media Cube, you can return it within 30 calendar days.
Is there a warranty?
Absolutely! We have an extremely liberal product warranty. CLICK HERE to view our warranty.
It sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?
We hear this a lot. There is no catch. We offer a 30 day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, a very liberal product warranty and offer live customer support. If for any reason you don’t love the Media Cube, you can return it within 30 calendar days. In addition, we use Stripe so customers can purchase with security and confidence. Be sure to read our CUSTOMER REVIEWS – Reviews are copied to our website directly from our Facebook page verbatim. They have not been edited including for spelling and grammar.
How do I get one?
We thought you’d never ask. CLICK HERE.