Every premium English channel and every sports package!

High Definition channels!

No contracts, no hidden fees, no extra hardware!

Fully integrated EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) just like cable TV!

Android & iOS apps for portability and on the go viewing. Watch CUBE TV on your Android or iOS mobile device

on-the-go, or connect your Android or iOS device to your TV via HDMI and watch CUBE TV on the big screen.

Turn your Android or iOS device into a portable cable box.

No yearly contracts. CUBE TV is available monthly.

For what amounts to about 0.77 cents a day (less than a cup of coffee), you get to enjoy every English premium

channel and major sports package anywhere you have an Internet connection.


Want to see how much money you will save with a Media Cube and CUBE TV? Check out our SAVINGS CALCULATOR.

CUBE TV Sports Channels & Packages



Do you offer free trials of CUBE TV?
Yes. We offer a 1 week free trial for CUBE TV.

In order to take advantage of the 1 week free trial, you need to have either a Media Cube v3 device, a Android / iOS mobile device, Kodi or the v3 software for the v2 Media Cube. To activate your free trial, CLICK HERE and choose your desired CUBE TV product. After your trial, you account will be billed monthly at regular price. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account.

**1 week trials are blacked out for major sporting events.
What devices / platforms does CUBE TV work with?
CUBE TV will work on the Media Cube, Android, iOS, and Kodi. The CUBE TV Android and iOS apps are available individually and included with CUBE TV for the Media Cube and Kodi.
How do I activate CUBE TV?
You will receive an email with your CUBE TV account credentials and instructions.
Does CUBE TV have PPV?
Yes, CUBE TV has PPV events and all major sports packages.
What is the resolution of the channels?
CUBE TV channels are HD.
Will this new service ever be interrupted?
No. The service has been around for years and is extremely reliable.
If I have more than one device will I need a separate CUBE TV package for each?
Not necessarily. You can have CUBE TV installed on multiple devices, but only one device per subscription will stream at a time. If you want to use CUBE TV on multiple devices simultaneously, then you will need a CUBE TV account per device.
I thought everything on the Media Cube is free? Why do you charge extra for CUBE TV?
CUBE TV is a completely optional premium service and not required for purchasing or using the Media Cube, but it’s so awesome we would be remiss if we didn’t at least offer it to our customers. If you want live TV and sports packages in HD, then CUBE TV is right up your alley.
Do I need a satellite dish or cable box?
All you need is a Media Cube, an Android / iOS mobile device, or Kodi. That’s it!
Can I use CUBE TV with WiFi?
Yes, however it is highly suggested that you use CUBE TV with Ethernet to prevent packet loss and subsequently stream drops. For more information, read our article WiFi vs. Ethernet for CUBE TV
What bandwidth speeds do I need for CUBE TV?
We recommend at least 10mbps and a wired network connection for optimum performance.
How can I find out what my download speed is?
If you’re using WiFi, for more accurate results, do a speed test using the Ookla Speed Test application from the Play Store or App Store on your mobile device where you plan on placing your Media Cube in your home.
How much data does CUBE TV use?
Based on the internet speed required per content as defined above, the following is estimated internet consumption (BANDWIDTH) per month based on using your Media Cube and CUBE TV service 8 hours per day.
Live TV Channels:
MicroHD = 750Kbps = 329.58 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 81.73 GB / Month.
HD = 1 Mbps = 439.43 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 108.98 GB / Month.
VoD Movies:
MicroHD = 650Kbps = 285.63 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per Day = 70.83 GB / Month.
HD = 1.4 Mbps = 615.21 MB / Hour @ 8 Hours per DAy = 152.57 GB / Month.
CUBE TV Disclaimer

Please allow for an additional 24 hours on product delivery and instructions so we may register and activate your CUBE TV service and account.

For optimum performance, a minimum internet connection speed of 10Mbps download speed and wired ethernet connection is suggested. Media Cube is not responsible for poor quality images, sound, or streams. CLICK HERE to read why Ethernet is recommended.

Media Cube and CUBE TV do not host, provide, archive, store or distribute media of any kind and acts merely as an index of media provided by the STVB service that are outside of our control. Media Cube respects the rights of others and prohibits the use of referenced material for any purposes other than for what it was intended for (where such use is lawful and free of civil liability or other constraint) and in such circumstances where possession of such material may have any adverse financial, prejudicial, or any other effect on any third party. IPTV channels and video content is being provided without any liability from Media Cube regarding copyrights. CUBE TV service is a list streaming transport service with media originating from STVB service. Due to terms and conditions of service, channel lists, availability and quality may be modified from time to time without previous warning. Media Cube is not responsible for any legal action taken against an individual, group, or company for usage of the content or information on this website or services provided.

If returning a Media Cube purchased with CUBE TV, there is a restocking fee of $10.00.

There are no returns if CUBE TV is purchased separately from your Media Cube purchase. Please purchase with confidence.



CUBE TV Products

CUBE TV for Media Cube
CUBE TV for Media Cube
Includes Android & iOS apps
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CUBE TV for Android & iOS
CUBE TV for Android & iOS
CUBE TV app for Android & iOS mobile devices
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Includes Android & iOS apps
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