An app that makes life easier for influencers

We will tell you what Studio is and how this application is useful for influencers.
Studio is a personal account for influencers, where you can find everything you need. It displays all the statistics of income, account movements, channel analytics, and also contains useful services. All this is to make it as easy as possible to work with YouTube channels.

What it can do

We made Studio to let YouTube creators receive reporting on income, calculations in transactions, monitor statistics, and improve their content.

The product is free of charge and any influencers can use it, even if they’re not connected to Mediacube. However, there are restrictions on the number of operations for unconnected creators. To work in Studio without restrictions, you need to become a partner of our Mediacube network.

Studio’s functionality is great, so we’ve rulled out three main areas:
Monitoring channel statistics
Revenue management
Working with content

Monitoring channel statistics

Studio shows detailed statistics for individual channels and for the account as a whole. You can see how the indicators have changed compared to last week. You can see your income for all time, for the last week or two, or for a month.

Revenue management

This section is about real money that goes to your Mediacube Pay account. All movements on the account, including receipts and write-offs, are visible in it.

Working with content

Through Studio, you can use different services for content for free, including Vid IQ, Epidemic Sound, Aper Music, the Adobe package, and 30 others.

Deeplinks can be created. These are special links that open directly in the target application, not in the browser. For example, if you recommend buying a product on AliExpress providing a deeplink, the marketplace application will open upon clicking on your link instead of a standard browser.
Another cool thing is ad automation. You just need to select the type of ad inserts and the interval at which ads will be shown in your videos, and Studio will insert ads into all videos on the channel. You can experiment with different formats and display frequencies to find the optimum and increase your income.

Look what Studio can do

Start using Studio and see how it works for you. There is a demo mode for those who are not connected to Mediacube.

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