How to raise the CTR of a comedy channel

The case shows how important thumbnails are and how to make them better if you have a comedy channel.
Client and problem
Dmitry Romanov is a comedian and stand-up artist. The topic of his channel is entertaining and comedy. The creator uses the interview with a comedian format and makes comedy news content.

Dmitry created interesting content, but the channel grew slowly.
Reason for low views
The audit of the channel showed that the visual component didn’t correspond to the content of the videos. The video thumbnails from the Romanov’s News section were black and white, they looked sad in contrast to the comedy content. There was nothing for the eye to catch. The text on the thumbnails was too small, sometimes unreadable. Because of this, the CTR was low — 4% on average, and the videos were gaining fewer views than they could have.

Covers that boost views

We analyzed the content on Dmitry Romanov’s channel, his competitors, and audience preferences. Based on the analysis results, we created a new thumbnail concept for Romanov’s News.
We switched to bright colors that attract attention and do not cause rejection in the audience.
We chose a suitable font, selected a readable size and color of the captions for the thumbnails.
We used images in higher resolution for covers.
Dark thumbnails, unattractive captions
Vivid photos that emphasize the style of the channel
Dark thumbnails, unattractive captions
Vivid photos that emphasize the style of the channel


Viewers started clicking on new covers more willingly, and the number of views increased. The result in numbers: CTR doubled from 4% to 7-8%. Only the videos with new thumbnails got to the top videos of the channel.

What services the creator uses most often

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