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We will tell you about an IT product that will be useful to everyone who receives income from YouTube, advertising integrations, or other sources.
Mediacube Pay is an IT solution for creators and everyone working with them. We created it to let you comfortably receive and control your income.

Who it suits

The service is useful to anyone who receives income from a YouTube channel, advertising integrations, or other sources. Mediacube Pay makes life easier for the influencer who wants to:

  • control their funds;
  • withdraw earned money in convenient ways at any time;
  • use effective tools for creativity;
  • set up additional monetization;
  • simplify and improve the creative work process;
  • receive bonuses and discounts from Mediacube’s partner services.


    Express payments. YouTube usually transfers money for the previous month after the 26th. While in Mediacube Pay, money is credited to the account every day, and you can use it whenever you want.
    P2P transfers. In Mediacube Pay, you can receive transfers from a friend influencer or share money with a colleague.
    Transaction history. At any time, you can see how much exactly and where exactly the funds were sent. You can download a receipt for each transaction. Everything is transparent.
    Services for creativity. Mediacube Pay provides access to 60 different services for influencers. For example, VidIQ for the selection of keywords, and Epidemic Sound, a collection of soundtracks.
    Security guarantee. Even if your YouTube channel gets hacked, no one can get advantage of your money. The Mediacube Pay account is protected by two-factor authentication, and users are verified with KYC. These are international security standards that protect your money and data from fraud.
    Instant money withdrawal
    Commission-free payments
    Full funds control


    You can use Mediacube Pay even if you don’t have a YouTube channel or monetization is not enabled on it.
    The only limitation is that you won’t be able to generate revenue from Google through Mediacube Pay until you get connected to the Mediacube partner network.

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