How to promote a music channel — a detailed case

Here's how to use additional monetization methods and how to develop a music channel so that it generates profit and grows.

Client and problem

Igor Krutoy is a musician and producer. He had his own channel on YouTube, but never considered it as a serious source of income.

When Igor Krutoy connected to Mediacube, his channel had 40 thousand subscribers. This is not enough for such a great artist. His videos and music were used by other YouTubers, but Igor didn’t receive any income from this.

Our goal

Increase channel traffic through a competent approach to content placement and promotion.
Increase monetization with Content ID so that copies of all videos and music generate income for the author.
Make sure that copies of videos and pieces of Igor Krutoy's content all over YouTube are monetized in favor of the author.


First of all, we developed a strategy for promoting the channel. We studied the activity of the audience, identified weaknesses in the videos and channel. Then we developed:
Publication schedule
Video design logic
Optimization of each video
We adhered to the developed promotion strategy. The creator’s team regularly posted new videos, designed all videos in accordance with our recommendations, and we were engaged in SEO optimization of each video, filling in the description and meta tags.
Dull and expressionless thumbnails that didn’t stand out in the general feed
Vivid thumbnails, clear and noticeable captions you want to click on
Dull and expressionless thumbnails that didn’t stand out in the general feed
Vivid thumbnails, clear and noticeable captions you want to click on

Monetizing re-uploads in favor of the author

The second thing we did was to deal with the unfair use of Igor Krutoy’s content by other creators. Some used excerpts from Igor’s videos in their videos, others simply re-uploaded the entire content to their channel.

Using our Content ID service, we found all copies of the author’s content from Igor Krutoy’s channel and made the earnings from these videos to be credited to the copyright holder, that is, to Igor.


Thanks to the strategy developed by us, Igor Krutoy’s channel began to work better within a month. A year later, its performance increased more than 10 times from 3M to 32M views. For comparison, the channel on its own has collected 40K subscribers over the year of its existence, and 200K over 11 months of working with us.

The Content ID system allowed Igor to receive an additional source of income. Now other people’s videos that use his content also bring him money. Therefore, YouTube began to bring the author even more money.

What the client says about our work

Igor Krutoj
351k subscribers
"Before starting to work with Mediacube, we saw YouTube as just a platform, to which we sometimes uploaded videos, not really understanding how to properly arrange them, and how to present them. Maybe that's why the output was not so strong. Now we are working on the channel all the time. Fortunately, there is no lack of content. Plus, technical support and advice from Mediacube on all issues help a lot. The channel looks different, it works differently, and its results are completely different. Everything changed in just a few months of our joint work. Special thanks for prompting the opportunity and launching work on the monetization of video materials by Igor Krutoy and the ARS-Records company (Song of the Year Festival) through the Content ID system. Mediacube became our reliable, prompt, and highly professional partner"

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