How to increase views after a break

Here's how to get out of a long break on YouTube without loss.

Client and problem

Bro JF channel, entertainment, music. The creator publishes reactions to and parodies of popular tracks by influencers and musicians.

The creator hadn’t posted any videos on YouTube for a month and was planning to release a potentially successful video.

Difficulty due to the break

Bro JF hasn’t posted any videos on YouTube for a month. This is a long time, even by the YouTube standards in general, and even more so for entertainment content. After such a break, the creator decided to release a parody of the hype video by MORGENSHTERN & Timati, El Problema. After a serious break, it is difficult to maintain the old viewership, but the creator wanted to attract new viewers as well.


To increase the popularity of the new video, we did two following things:
Developed a high CTR thumbnail
Optimized the video for search queries
And launched an advertising campaign to neutralize the consequences of downtime.


We needed to make a cover that would attract users, and they wanted to click on the video. To do this, we studied:
Bro JF's video itself, to make a preview in his style
The original on which the parody was made
Other parody videos
We considered the mistakes made by the designers of those covers. The analytics department wrote the terms of reference for the design department. And the designers did a good job according to the specification.

The new thumbnail made the CTR rise to 12−14%. For comparison, YouTube’s average is 6−10%.


First, we looked at the competitors. Especially those who have already done such parodies. We also analyzed hype topics. In order to attract an audience that is really interested, we have selected only relevant search queries.

The optimization gave us over 290,000 views from search traffic for keywords.


We decided to advertise on Youtube. We selected channels that fit the topic. Our selection included creators whose audiences were interested in the same content as Bro JF’s viewers.

We have advertised on purchased posts by eligible creators in the Community tab.


Two weeks later, we got organic growth and a gradual rise of views. The video began to get into recommendations in a natural way, without paid advertising.
Brief conclusions of the case
To get more views for your video, pay attention to thumbnails and optimization, write a description, and fill in the meta tags.
To smooth out the drawdown after a long break, buy advertising. Seed channels with an audience similar to yours.

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