We are in the world's TOP-10 of the official YouTube partner networks. But we're not a standard network. Mediacube is an IT ecosystem for influencers worldwide.

Working at Mediacube means building a unique business in Belarus

World market
We cooperate with influencers from 68 countries
Famous clients
We have more than 150 channels with 1M+ subscribers that hit YouTube trends every week
IT products
We create unique IT products that have no analogs in other partner networks

We have many internal products and teams, you will always find a way to develop

The average age of our employees is 23. But you can start working here if you are younger or have no experience at all. For many, Mediacube became the first place of work, and almost all of our top managers grew up within the company.
"Mediacube is for young, creative, and bright people.

We're giving you the opportunity to become a part of the big influencer world, look at it as a business, and work with many talented people. We are not creating a place of work, but a get-together where everyone can find a like-minded person, create and develop. The main idea of our company is to make a difference! That is, do more than just enough, show results, develop yourself and Mediacube".
Michael Bychenok, CEO

Imagine that you’re already with us

Our team is a group of friends who work and hang out together.
We are not united by the office or the daily routine, but by common goals. We are working to create something meaningful for the industry and people, to help Mediacube become even bigger and stronger.
Our meetings are never boring. We share our knowledge with each other on open mics so that everyone can pump up their YouTube expertise. Also, we arrange unforgettable corporate events and parties.
We care about the comfort of our employees. Therefore, in addition to the salary, we also offer guaranteed bonuses. All this is available from the first day of work here, even during a trial period.
Free filming studio with a set of creative backgrounds to bring your projects to life
Benefits card to benefit from buying food, clothes, having fun, and taking care of yourself
Free parking and the office in the center of Minsk: modern, spacious, and with a kitchen

Also bonuses

Officially declared US dollar-pegged salary and official employment
Flexible start of the day for larks and owls — from 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Soft adaptation of new employees — you won't notice joining our team
No vacancy for you?
If your vacancy is not listed, you can still send us your CV. We are growing fast, so we always need talented people here. Perhaps we are opening your vacancy right now.
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27, 25 Martiou Str., D. MICHAEL TOWER, Office 105A, Engomi, 2408, Nicosia, Cyprus.
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