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Puzzle english - платформа для изучения английского языка

Client: Puzzle English

Goal: User acquisition, brand awareness

Solution: The launch held with mediacube ads was the first influencer ad campaign experience for the brand ever. We targeted the channels making content on Education, Travel and Learning of the English language reaching out influencers from Asia and Europe. The team of 3 people was working on the project on a regular basis. As soon as the first launches were complete, we collected the performance metrics, analyzed the awareness each placement created and chose further strategy. In total, 30 ads were publised on the channels from Vietnam, India, Span, Egypt, France, and Thailand.


3000000 +


45000 +


20000 +



Mohy Yasser محي ياسر (Egypt)

713000 subscribers

Was it easy to get American citizenship?

Mohy Yasser محي ياسر's channel from Egypt contains vlogs and other entertaining videos for casual audience. Ad placement for Puzzle English was made in the format of a full dedicated video. During the video creator shows how to access the platform, how to choose the most relevant tasks and exercises depending on the knowledge level, and reveals unique features Puzzle English can offer. Also, the creator attracts his audience to join Puzzle English and use it. The video is funny and amusing, just like the general content of the creator.


761000 subscribers

How To Stop Saying "Sorry For My Bad English..."

Lingualizer has made a full video dedicated to the issue many beginners face as they start learning English. Since Puzzle English is developed for the beginners mainly, the video was relevant to the channel's audience and the ad itself looked consistent with the main content.

andy ở canada (Vietnam)

304000 subscribers

You need to watch this video | 5 Minutes about IELTS

andy ở canada's channel is about the life of a Vietnamese person in Canada. Also, part of the content is dedicated to studying English. Channel is targeted both at beginners and advanced students who are getting prepared for the IELTS exam. Andy created a wonderful full video explaining how to use the platform to get ready for the IELTS.

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Lingoda - #1 trusted online language school

Client: Lingoda

Goal: User Acquisition, Brand Awareness

Solution: 1

Anais Virchez

Digital Marketing Manager

Always a pleasure to work with mediacube ads, they provide just the right balance of customer service and professionalism to suit our needs. We both share the same love of languages, they have been helping us to expand our network of influencers worldwide in the language industry.
Thank you mediacube!

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