Mediacube ads

A team of experts that manage massive ad campaigns with creators all around the world.

Your reliable exclusive influencer marketing contractor on YouTube.

More than just an agency

Instant access to data on any creator’s audience

Our own analytic platform has access to data on audience of any YouTube channel. We use current data when we set up a mediaplan, and using AI we choose the most relevant channels for cooperation.

Creation of a mediaplan of any difficulty

We work with creators from all around the world and choose the most efficient strategy for promotion of your product from 7 available models, we plan ad placements and provide creative support.

Exclusive creators

We develop a network of our exclusive creators and offer ad integration placement on our partners' channels on the most advantageous terms. In the list of exclusive creators are top YouTubers form CIS countries with 100k to 5mln subscribers.

Responsiveness and reliability

Our goal is a long term cooperation, so we guarantee meeting of all the deadlines, the transparency of agency comission, discounts availability, as well as a qualitatively new approach to operation speed and feedback delivery. We assign a group of managers to each project, that work on launching ready-made campaigns.

Special terms for agencies

We provide particularly favorable terms of cooperation to media and full cycle agencies and guarantee exclusion of competition between us.

Exclusive contractor

This service imply: signing an agreement about the intentions and certified denial of working with your competitors; fixating a transparent comission. We become your only contractor and provide a reinforced team to work on your project.




of clients

Companies from Europe, the USA, and Asia


of countries

We cooperate with creators from 56 countries of the world




of exclusive YouTube channels

Besides YouTube, we work with Instagram, TikTok, and Odnoklassniki videoplatform



Average speed of providing a commercial offer

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